Glitter Finance Advanced Cross-Chain Bridge wants to connect Algorand with Solana

London, UK Tech company Glitter Finance is working to integrate the Algorand Defi ecosystem with the highly complex decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem – Solana – to improve interoperability in the DeFi blockchain space. The integration ensures that merchants using Glitter Finance can transfer their digital currency from Algorand to other first-tier blockchains.

Solana is the leading brand in the defibrillator space and already has a whopping $ 8 billion fund, making it a staple when it comes to capital funding and top-notch defibrillator mechanics. Algorand, a rapidly growing platform with locked digital assets valued at approximately $ 1.5 billion, will be integrated into Solana with support from Glitter Finance.

Glitter Finance has raised $ 3 million to meet its core goal of expanding interoperability within the DeFi ecosystem and enabling crypto owners to anonymously move their assets from blockchain to blockchain with less difficulty. Previously, the seed rounds and strategy were oversubscribed just 30 days after the official announcement, ending at over $ 2.2 million.

Glitter Finance’s cross-chain bridge keeps users’ digital assets in their vault until the user decides to move them to a second blockchain. When migrating to the second blockchain, traders will have access to token liquidity packaged by Glitter Bridge, which will then be reallocated into integrated profit pools.

With advanced features on the platform, trading is seamless for new traders as the Glitter Finance algorithm examines the trading decisions and behavior of users over time through AI and machine learning and automatically and efficiently acts on their behalf. This will help a novice or inexperienced crypto trader eliminate the risk of exposing their assets by having to manually move those assets to other level 1 platforms. This is not to say that the platform doesn’t have a place for crypto experts or advanced traders – there is an option on Glitter Finance for manual trading if the user so wishes.

Traditional or conventional cross-chain bridges only allow users to transact by manually transferring their assets or packaged tokens onto a new blockchain. This method seriously jeopardizes the liquidity of the user. Glitter Finance is a trading platform that helps beginners to make trades with just one click of the “Trade” button. This innovation provides full convenience for traders who also generate profits, as the problem of inefficiencies found on traditional platforms has been eliminated through Glitter Finance’s built-in liquidity pool.

However, Glitter Finance approaches these challenges from three key perspectives:

I. Advanced cross-chain bridge generation eliminates capital inefficiencies by allowing merchants to capitalize on existing profit pools integrated on the Glitter platform by re-implementing Glitter Bridge-packaged tokens.

II. Implement algorithmic trading to simplify the trading process for new traders.

III. Improve interoperability in the DeFi blockchain space by connecting diverse ecosystems with its advanced, decentralized cross-chain bridge – Glitter Finance. That’s why the company is committed to helping Algorand improve its interoperability by connecting with other Tier 1 ecosystems like Solana, which has already successfully built a strong Defi ecosystem.

The company’s Co-Founder and CEO David Dobrovitsky explains it precisely: “Algorand is a non-functioning class, has no downtime, and is a deeply efficient model for social management. Algorand Basis is a marvel of organizational excellence and worthwhile initiatives. As a big fan of both the technology and the organization behind it, I’m passionate about putting Glitter on track to make it easier for the Algorand community to migrate to other top-notch providers. I am delighted that investors and the market support our initiative. ”

“One of our main advantages in creating Glitter Finance was the idea of ​​mass adoption. To this end, we are creating a “one-click” trading platform where new traders have a lower knowledge threshold when participating in the DeFi financial system and still have stable profits. “

There are more than 15 active partnerships with VC funds.

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Future projects / plans

The company plans to test its code through its world-class partner, the Algorand Foundation. Glitter Finance carries out further tests via the test network by a well-known third party who is commissioned.

About Glitter Finance

Glitter Finance is an Estonian company dedicated to developing AI solutions that enable merchants in the DeFi ecosystem to easily transfer their digital assets across various blockchain networks.

The company, led by serial entrepreneur David Dobrovitsky and his wife Gelena Dobrovitsky, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and co-founder of the company, has developed an advanced enterprise-class cross-chain bridge – Glitters Finance – a platform that can be creative addresses the challenges associated with traditional cross-chain platforms, particularly capital inefficiencies.

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